5 Scenarios Where You Need to Seek Taxation Services for Your Business

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Tax is an important revenue stream for the government and just like anywhere else in the world; your business will be required to fully comply with tax laws. Unfortunately, taxation law is too complex for every business owner to understand in whole. To ensure compliance, it's therefore important to seek taxation services from tax accountants and consultants who understand the process inside out. As a business, taxation services will be greatly needed if you're in the following circumstances.

When starting a business

If you're starting a business, it is imperative that you seek appropriate financial advice on tax matters. For one, you will get to understand which business entity is most favorable in regards to tax policies. A tax accountant can also help you plan your business structure. They can help you allocate shareholding, establish financial policies that will save you money and also deal with the relevant filing for entity registration. In the course of your business, they can help manage your accounts to ensure you have a healthy cash flow system.

When moving your business to Australia

If you're opening a business branch in Australia or transferring your business here from another country, understanding financial and taxation regulations is crucial. A taxation services firm can help you in several key areas such as business registration, business structure formation, valuation, Australian tax law, banking law and insurance law, among others. This financial framework can help mold your business within the right legal setting and with the edge of sound financial advice.

When filing tax returns

No matter what kind of business you're operating, you should seek taxation services during tax season. Tax accountants can take over the laborious chore of balancing your books and filing your tax returns on your behalf. This ensures you adhere to the law and are not charged for late or nonexistent filling. Seeking the help of tax accountants also ensures you file the right amounts. As a perk, tax accountants can help you maximise your tax refunds so that you do not pay more tax than you ought to.

When seeking to minimise tax credit

Lastly, taxation services can help streamline your business in regards to financial policies. Your tax accountant can help you formulate progressive structures on matters such as salary payments & superannuation, stamp duty, capital gains tax, land tax and other areas touching on your business interests. This will help you save money by maximising deductible expenses and channeling your money to more tax-friendly ventures.

As opposed to seeking taxation services on an ad hoc basis, the best policy is to retain the services of taxation accountants/consultants on a permanent basis. This way, your business will always be ahead of the curve on matters finance and tax. To get started, consult a taxation services firm like P. Stokes & Co (Aust) Pty Ltd and find out how they can add value to your business.  


14 May 2015

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