When Should a Private Individual Hire an Accountant?

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As an individual, you may not ever think about hiring an accountant, assuming this type of professional only works for businesses and perhaps even the very rich. You may assume their services are also not necessary, as you may be able to file your own taxes and handle your own banking and investments yourself. However, note when it's good to hire an accountant even as a private individual and even if you don't consider yourself very wealthy.

25 November 2015

5 Scenarios Where You Need to Seek Taxation Services for Your Business

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Tax is an important revenue stream for the government and just like anywhere else in the world; your business will be required to fully comply with tax laws. Unfortunately, taxation law is too complex for every business owner to understand in whole. To ensure compliance, it's therefore important to seek taxation services from tax accountants and consultants who understand the process inside out. As a business, taxation services will be greatly needed if you're in the following circumstances.

14 May 2015

3 Sensible Ways to Invest a Tax Refund

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The life of a freelancer can be financially uncertain. Unlike people who have employers, you do not have a fixed income each month, and there is actually no guarantee of income at all. Some months you might find that you do better than expected whereas at other times it might seem like you can barely hold down your rent. And so receiving a tax refund at the end of the tax year can be a very nice surprise for a freelancer.

23 April 2015

In Your Fifties? Still Haven't Saved for Retirement? Five Reasons You Need a Financial Adviser

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If you are in your fifties and are worried about having enough money for your retirement, it may be time to meet with a financial adviser. Even if you have never sat down to talk about your finances, you should think about contacting one of these professionals. Wonder why their help is so invaluable at this point? Take a look at these five reasons: 1. You can't afford mistakes When someone starts saving in their twenties or thirties, they have a lot of time to weather investment mistakes.

22 April 2015

Some Expenses That Can Deplete Your Retirement Savings

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Although many people take care to save enough money for their retirement, they find that now they are older, they have to pay out for additional costs that they were not budgeting for. This can quickly eat away at the saved money and leave a person with barely enough – or in some cases, not enough – to get by in their latter years. This article examines some expenses that can cause you to lose some of your savings.

15 April 2015

How To Identify The Best Business Insurance Companies

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Your business may mean your life (for most entrepreneurs), so it is very important that you identify the best insurance companies so that you buy your business insurance from them. This article discusses some factors that will guide you in selecting the best insurance companies. Check the Rating of that Company Financial ratings are very good pointers to base on when judging the health of an insurance company. Ratings vary from "

6 April 2015

Equipment Purchase Problems? What Are Your Options?

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Business expansion can be a Catch-22 situation. How do you spend the money you don't have, in order to get the money you need? It can be frustrating. You don't have to tie up your cash when considering the purchase of that equipment; there are a number of different asset finance options available today. What should you consider? Equipment Loans One of the first ways to help align your repayments to suit business cash flow is to consider equipment loans.

30 March 2015